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What is the Szentendre Art? I'm not sure anyone has ever defined that, in any case an undiscovered treasure house. I do not attempt to, instead, here are some thoughts from our hungarian famouses:

„The only painting in Szentendre, you really can live, who once in a moonlit evening walk through the streets of Szentendre and muse of the odd-out forms, lights, mysterious shadows on the play of fire walls.”
Béla Hamvas

„I lived in Szentendre Szentendre and I developed my painting, it is something that was why I want to fight and live. The things seen in Szentendre, a phenomenon seen in nature is very much alive, is art. They live in their shapes, colors, lines, you might notice that only a painter."
Jenő Barcsay

„I have an adult in a stifling heat of the noon time (...) I went through the Donkey Hill, where I was shocked to realize that a Ilosvai in. I entered, and went through it.”
Pál Deim

„... So beautiful here, every piece of art inspired by stone.”

„We used to often with Korniss in the evening, after sunset roam the city's intricate uccáin, in which case all is quiet, relaxed, and the houses seem to be closely hide all siluette-like display, the sky emerald playing teleszórva tiny diamonds. As I walk slowly into the narrow alleys, an invisible light source on the opposite wall velünl mysterious shadows projected, and shocked in amazement, and felt what can only be expressed visually. The whole atmosphere, as if we would be in the tales, which follow every step and expect miracles where anything is possible.”
Lajos Vajda

Szentendre book published in 2011: who"s who of Art - Danube Bend and Pilis subregion     DPÖTKT


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